Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cruel World

Aku sangat meyakini bahwa berteman baik membuat hidupku lebih berharga.

I've been thinking that friendship is much more worth fighting for than any other relationships.
Having best friends around me makes me happy. No. More than that.
I feel blessed.
Because I know no matter how hard life smashes me to the ground, they will always be there for me.
I believed that my best friends will stay by my side while lovers come and go.
And I'm always scared when it comes to loosing a best friend.

But then a good friend of mine told me something actually I do know, but don't realize.
He said that as we grow old, we are forced to fight for our own life.
We will have our own path, not having the same perspective as we did before, and finally live our life differently.
We are forced to be a lil bit selfish, and that's the beginning of loosing friendship chemistry.
I'm not saying that it happens to all friendship, but mostly it does.

Then he said again, no matter how great your friendship are, how close you and your best friends are, in the end, the one who will always be by our side are the one you choose to be your lover.

I fell silent that night.

I think of my best buddies from years ago who still come to my house anytime I need them up to now. Who still pick up my pathetic phone call. Who still listen to my stupid grumble without complaining. Who don't mind spending the night doing nothing without being awkward.

I never expect my future would sacrifice such thing.
What a cruel world we live in.

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