Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sebuah peluapan, tidak untuk dibaca.

Ya. Aku tidak melakukan tanggung jawab yang seharusnya dilakukan.

And after all these years, when that thing comes up as a joke, at some point, I would laugh with you. But honestly, I don't really buy it.

Yes, I didn't shed my tears and sweat together with you guys on those hard days.
I just stayed at home doing nothing.
I just cried my heart out knowing my grandpa passed away. Not a big deal. It's just my lovely grandpa anyway.
I had my nice meal while struggling with a disease. No prob. It's just me who won't move my lazy ass.
I blame myself for not being able to go anywhere, including going to the hospital on my grandpa's last days. It's not as important as being together with you guys, right? Go on, it's fun to make a joke of it.

Sometimes I want to slap you in the face and say that it's not funny. But I know that would be childish.
I love you guys regardless.

I still have little weeps to myself everytime I think about my grandpa and realizing I don't even remember the last time I saw him.
And when that joke comes up, that's exactly when I feel like it.
After all, my dad said that grandpa would be very proud that finally I manage to be one of you guys.

I know he would.

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